Snapshot #68 | 10 Things for 15 January 2017


1. starting… my second photo project for the year. I’ll be talking about it soon.
2. getting… back on track. Everything that I neglected over the holidays is falling back into place, and it’s fantastic.
3. wishing… for better weather. Every time I make up my mind to go out and do something, it’s either raining or cold. Stupid winter.
4. making… bread. It’s been a few weeks; it’s time to get back in the habit.
5. watching… Class. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting going in, but it’s a lot of fun. (That said, as far as Doctor Who spinoffs go, what I really want is more Torchwood.)
6. trying… to read more comics this year. (It’s not exactly difficult. It’s not a medium I read a lot.) If you have recs, please let me know!
7. thinking… up lots of new and exciting ideas.
8. feeling… annoyed. The downside of being (relatively) organized: when I do drop the ball, even on something minor, it really bothers me.
9. catching…a glimpse of the finish line on my NaNoWriMo draft. I’m so close—I should be wrapping it up this week.
10. starting… to feel like I need to cut my hair.