Project365: #1-7

2017 Project365 #1 | Reghan Skerry

You might remember that I tried doing a weekly photo project last year. (Let’s face it: I never really shut up about it. So the only way you wouldn’t remember is if you’re new here. In which case: Hi! Nice to meet you!) It was a way to work on my skills, and encourage me to take pictures for myself, and I’d hoped it would be a little less stressful then a daily project.

And it worked. Until it didn’t.

I finally admitted defeat sometime in November, right around the time I was starting to think about my plans for 2017, and what kind of projects I might want to tackle this year. I knew I wanted to try another photo project, for the same reasons—I need an excuse to take pictures, and I want to push myself just a little bit.

And for some reason, this year I feel like doing a 365 project is less pressure than a weekly project. I’m not working with any rules, beyond taking a photo (preferably, one that doesn’t completely suck) every day. I’m not going to limit myself to one specific camera or format, I’m not going to work with prompts or themes. Just one picture every day. If you want to follow along, I’ll be posting to Instagram every day, and I’ll be doing a roundup here on Sundays.