Snapshot #67 | 10 Things for 1 January 2017


1. loving… “What will you tell your daughters about 2016?”, a TED Talk by Chinaka Hodge.
2. taking… a few days off. It was nice at the beginning, but now it’s starting to get to me.
3. baking… all the things. I made this fantastic cranberry ginger cake for Christmas, and these brownies are on the menu for tonight. (I also made these blondies for a potluck earlier in the season, and I’m still a little in love with them.)
4. eating… all the things.
5. feeling… sleepy. This might be related to #4. Or the cat waking me up at 3:30. Or the fact that I think I’m coming down with (another) cold.
6. getting… ready for 2017. I have so many plans. (That, and I’ve really been looking forward to seeing the end of 2016.) I can’t wait.
7. tidying… up my files. Woohoo.
8. wishing… that amazing people would stop dying, just when we need them the most.
9. overusing… italics. I know.
10. drinking… a lot of coffee. A lot.