Snapshot #66 | 10 Things for 18 December 2016


1. listening… to DJ Riko’s 2016 Christmas mix—the latest addition to one of my favourite holiday traditions.
2. cleaning… up my Evernote notebooks. I have reasons. (Only partly related to the privacy policy changes that were announced and then—thankfully—amended. I was seriously looking into alternatives for about a day there, and I’m glad I don’t have to.)
3. thinking… of about four different story ideas. Writing begets writing. I hadn’t exactly forgotten that, but it’s nice to be reminded.
4. starting… my Christmas baking. How did I ever survive without a stand mixer? (Or a dishwasher?)
5. watching… Luke Cage. (It’s taken me a while to make room in my TV schedule.)
6. loving… the margherita pizza at Morris East. So good.
7. cursing… the cold. I miss autumn already.
8. finalizing… my plans for 2017.
9. making… gingerbread waffles. (Still using this fantastic recipe.)
10. accepting… the fact that my routine is going to fall apart starting tomorrow.