Snapshot #65 | 10 Things for 4 December 2016


1. catching… up on some of the TV shows that have been taking up DVR space.
2. realizing… that I didn’t post this month’s ‘Note to Self.’ I won’t say it was intentional, but it kind of was. I just ran out of time at the end of November, and something had to give. (And, to be honest, some of the regularly scheduled posting will probably be a bit… scattered… over the next few weeks.)
3. dealing… with a cold. 🤒
4. easing… back into my routines, post-NaNo, while still trying to maintain the writing habit I’ve established. (Also, I want to get the draft I started in November finished by Christmas.)
5. hoping… to get out and start my Christmas shopping soon. I wanted to start, like, two weeks ago, but this stupid cold got in the way.
6. trying… a new bread recipe (and making soup—from scratch!—for the first time ever).
7. cracking… open a brand-new notebook. 💖
8. thinking… about a new story idea. I may have created a monster with this whole ‘writing again’ thing.
9. making… plans. So many plans.
10. forgetting… to schedule this post. Oops. Just pretend it went up yesterday.