Snapshot #64 | 10 Things for 20 November 2016


1. making… progress on my NaNoWriMo story. The first act is kind of a disaster (and will need to be rewritten from scratch), but it’s slowly starting to turn into the story that I imagined when I was outlining. (… Although. There are still issues, and while some of these scenes are nearly perfect, I’m probably still going to have to rewrite the entire thing from scratch. So.)
2. chipping… away at my weekly photo project, however slowly.
3. falling… behind on… just about everything else, to be honest. NaNo has taken over my life. Which is good, but I’m hoping to find some kind of balance again in December.
4. finalizing… my holiday baking plans.
5. craving… coffee.
6. listening… to a lot of Leonard Cohen. (sigh. Seriously, 2016?)
7. slipping… back into one (very minor) bad habit. I think I’ve needed the distraction, actually.
8. processing… the US election. Still. I think it’s going to take a while.
9. trying… to remember what else has been going on. Seriously, all I do lately is write.
10. thinking… about my plans for 2017 (and beyond). Despite everything, I’m feeling weirdly… I don’t know if “optimistic” is the right word. Let’s go for “motivated.”