Snapshot #63 | 10 Things for 6 November 2016


1. trying… to survive NaNoWriMo. It’s… interesting. Not quite sure how I feel about my progress. (Of course, as I type this, I’m taking a quick break from my daily writing, and it’s not going great. Which is why I’m feeling ambivalent.)
2. working… on that whole 52-week photo project. Still. I promise. I’m just trying to catch up on some other things, too, and haven’t been able to post my progress.
3. daydreaming… about travel. Always.
4. wishing… that the boots I fell in love with actually fit properly.
5. baking… cookies and cupcakes, because Hallowe’en. ♥
6. feeling… sleepy.
7. making… to-do lists. So many lists.
8. figuring… out my work process and creative routines. It’s been a bit of a struggle—and I haven’t always been successful—but it’s starting to fall into place.
9. buying… more new workout gear. Still feeling like a sci-fi ninja.
10. hoping… that the weather starts cooperating soon.