Snapshot #61 | 10 Things for 9 October 2016


1. fighting… off a cold. It’s been sneaking up on me for a few days now, and it’s bad enough to annoy me, but not bad enough to knock me off my feet. 😦 (Until today, apparently. Ugh.)
2. starting… to think about my Christmas baking. Because it’s never too early.
3. getting… ready for NaNoWriMo. I’ve kinda/sorta been making my plans for months now, but the looming deadline is doing wonders for my productivity.
4. planning… my next sewing project. I’m finally making that tote bag that I’ve been thinking about for months.
5. thinking… about that giant painting again. Since I’ve been doing my work in the office, I’m confronted by the (literal) blank canvas every day, and I’d like to do something about it. I don’t know if I can manage to get it done by the end of the year, but I really want to.
6. deciding… to start two new collections. Of actual physical stuff. I’m still a minimalist, I promise.
7. shopping… for new boots. It’s tricky. (I know what I want, but tracking down the colour & size I need….)
8. admitting… that I’m probably subconsciously distracting myself from NaNoWriMo by thinking about other art and craft projects.
9. making… pie. Well. A tart. Same thing.
10. feeling… sleepy. That cold is catching up with me.