Snapshot #60 | 10 Things for 25 September 2016


1. getting… the office in order. Slowly. A lot of my plans are on hold until I can finally order the bookshelves I want.
2. daydreaming… about scarves and fingerless gloves. Soon.
3. making… plans for a new monthly feature. Watch this space!
4. choosing… what recipes I’m going to try this Christmas. Already. (I finally found all the ingredients for a recipe that I’ve wanted to make since 2009.)
5. buying… new workout gear. It makes me feel like a futuristic (possibly post-apocalyptic) ninja, which is just about perfect.
6. feeling… sleepy.
7. watching… Stranger Things. So good. And one of the few things I’ve watched all summer that wasn’t either a Marvel property or a British crime (and/or spy) drama, so that’s kind of nice.
8. planning… my next sewing project.
9. discovering… that one day of doing absolutely nothing is my limit. (I mean. I knew that. But now I know that. Halfway through day two, I was so bored.)
10. looking… for the perfect serving tray. I have reasons.