Snapshot #55 | 10 Things for 17 July 2016


1. drinking… so much iced coffee. Still. And I will continue to do so until October, probably.
2. cursing… the DVR. That’s ok. I didn’t need to see those episodes of Agent Carter. 😦
3. hoping… to get out and actually take some pictures soon. I’m getting annoyed with myself.
4. making… my mind up. It’s definitely time to cut my hair.
5. reupholstering… my desk chair. I’m starting to move forward on the office again.
6. editing… the last of the photos from May.
7. getting… back on track. I still don’t have everything sorted out, but I’m making progress.
8. thinking… about ice cream recipes. Not sure what I want to make next.
9. looking… forward to the end of 2016. It just keeps being terrible.
10. reactivating… my NaNoWriMo account. I’m surprised I was able to—I’d fully expected to have to start a new account.