Snapshot #54 | 10 Things for 3 July 2016


1. changing… one big plot point in my NaNoWriMo outline. It completely changes the story, and it’s going to be so much better.
2. getting… up at a truly absurd hour to go take pictures. (I was finished and back home by 6:30. In the morning. On a Saturday.)
3. making… my first batch of ice cream of the year. (Chocolate. Obviously. Recipe from the Big Gay Ice Cream cookbook. ♥)
4. doing… some slightly-belated spring cleaning around here.
5. feeling… heartbroken over the Brexit vote. I’m a pretty serious anglophile, and I’m sad and scared to think about what might be happening to the UK.
6. drinking… iced coffee. It’s finally summer.
7. eating… strawberries.
8. trying… to find solutions to my creative ennui. I think I’m making progress, but it’s hard to say just yet.
9. reaching… the point where I either have to find something to do with my hair, or chop it off. Wearing it down all the time just isn’t working with this weather.
10. filling… sketchbooks.