Snapshot #52 | 10 Things for 5 June 2016


1. editing… the recent batch of photos. Still in love with black & white.
2. catching… up on all the TV I put on hold the last few months.
3. resisting… temptation. Some old habits keep trying to creep back into my life…. (I don’t want to call them “bad” habits, because they’re not, but… they do get in the way of other things I want to be doing. So, yeah. I’d like to avoid them if I can.)
4. trying… to break the cat of some of her bad habits. She’s getting a little too demanding about waking me up in the morning.
5. going… back to a favourite bread recipe.
6. feeling… focussed.
7. starting… my annual search for a good hamburger bun recipe. (I never got around to trying any last year, but now that I’m into the habit of making bread regularly anyway, it feels a little less like a chore.)
8. wondering… what we did to piss 2016 off…
9. getting… back into a routine that feels productive and generally good. I’m still a little iffy on the entire idea of routine (I feel like I rely on it too much), but… yeah. Right now, things are going well.
10. thinking… about that painting that I’ve been planning for ages, and still haven’t actually started.