Weekly Photo Challenge 2016 | Week #21: ‘Cinematic’

2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "21. Cinematic" | Reghan Skerry

2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "21. Cinematic" | Reghan Skerry

Sometimes I struggle with the prompts that leave a lot of room for creative interpretation; if I have too many ideas, or too many options, I tend to get hung up on finding the right idea and dismiss anything that isn’t absolutely perfect.

So this week should have been a challenge.

It wasn’t.

I knew weeks ago that, for this prompt, I wanted to do something that felt like a road movie. Which… ok, yeah. That could have been a challenge, given that I don’t drive and I don’t have easy access to a lot of the landscapes that I associate with road movies. (There are times when I get really annoyed with the lack of desert around here.) But I had a few different ideas in mind, and I was able to spend some time figuring out the logistics.

And in the end, it didn’t matter. The timing worked out perfectly, and, while this isn’t one of the pictures I imagined when I was thinking about this prompt, I think it works.

Though it might still be better with a desert.