Weekly Photo Challenge 2016 | Week #20: ‘Golden Ratio’

2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "20. Golden Ratio" | Reghan Skerry

2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "20. Golden Ratio" | Reghan Skerry

Things are starting to get interesting again: the weather’s warm enough that I want to go outside occasionally, the trees are starting to fill out, and there’s finally—finally!—some colour. It’s not just all dull grey and brown.

And just when this is all happening, I’m falling back in love with black & white.

(Well. I’ve been falling back in love with black & white for a while. Not that I ever wasn’t in love with it. But the last few weeks it’s turned into a minor obsession.)

I don’t mind, really—there’s still more to take pictures of, and more colour means more interesting contrast, even when it’s in black & white—I just find it kind of funny.

This is another slightly-late photo, I know. But I’m only late posting it. I took it during the week this prompt was assigned. (So, last week.) It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and while I took a lot of photos, I’m only now managing to sit down and go through them. And this particular photo required a little bit of improvisation in the editing process—nothing too dramatic, but this is a slightly tricky prompt. There was math involved. I’m not a fan of math, even if I did memorize the Fibonacci sequence when I was eight.

Expect more (including the response to this week’s prompt) over the next week or so.