Snapshot #51 | 10 Things for 22 May 2016


1. getting… to last week’s photo post. The photo is taken, and waiting in the camera. But this is a busy weekend (mostly busy taking more photos), so it’s going to take a couple more days to get the picture out of the camera and onto the site.
2. feeling… relieved. The thing that was causing me so much stress? Cancelled.
3. buying… the supplies to reupholster my desk chair. The office is slowly coming together.
4. trying… to decide between growing my hair out some more and chopping it all off again. (I go through this every few months.)
5. painting… the balcony furniture. I didn’t quite beat the storm of pollen, but close enough. (Also, just generally starting to get the balcony in order.)
6. solving… spam problems. Awesome.
7. making… progress on my NaNoWriMo plans.
8. starting… to think about ice cream. I’m not quite ready to start making it yet (I’m still waiting for it to get a bit warmer), but it’s time to start looking at recipes.
9. running… out of things to say. I’m a little sleepy right now, and drawing a blank.
10. putting… together new playlists.