Snapshot #50 | 10 Things for 8 May 2016


1. finding… my perfect recipe for chocolate cake. Now I just need to find my perfect frosting recipe to go with it.
2. wondering… when it’s going to start to feel like spring, and not just the slow decline of winter.
3. giving… up on my Fitbit. In theory, I liked it. And I’m really impressed with the company’s customer service, but still: I’ve had three devices fail in less than eighteen months. It’s getting ridiculous.
4. making… my plans for NaNoWriMo.
5. drinking… an awful lot of coffee. Not a bad thing.
6. wishing… the light was better. 😦
7. looking… for new books to read. (I managed to finish two in one day, and everything I really want to read right now is on hold at the library.)
8. trying… not to let myself get too stressed out. I’ve got a rough few days coming up. The last few weeks have been an exercise in Not Thinking About It Until I Have To.
9. starting… to watch some French tv shows. In French. Mostly, I’m still confused, but I’m figuring out bits and pieces.
10. hoping… the next two weeks don’t turn into a disaster.