Weekly Photo Challenge 2016 | Week #16: ‘Double Exposure’

2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "16. Double Exposure" | Reghan Skerry

2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "16. Double Exposure" | Reghan Skerry

This is one of those times when I kind of love that digital photography is a thing. (Also tripods and laser pointers. All these things are awesome.)

I could have done this on film. But trying to get it right on film would have been difficult and expensive, and this week… well, I haven’t been having the best week, and I wouldn’t have handled the frustration very well.

In this case, I stitched the two exposures together in post. I could have done it in-camera, but, really, there’s no difference—it’s still taking two frames and layering them together. I had more control (and was better able to edit out the red smear that the laser pointer left on the wall…) in Photoshop. That said, I’m really glad my DSLR had the option. I was able to test my shots and make sure I had two frames that worked together while I was still shooting. If I’d had to wait until I’d uploaded the pictures to the computer, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been as happy with the result. Yes, the colour’s a bit meh. (This is why I’m painting.) And, yeah, there’s some motion blur (because Lucy). But I still kind of love this.