Weekly Photo Challenge 2016 | Week #13: ‘Retro’

2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "13. Retro" | Reghan Skerry

2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "13. Retro" | Reghan Skerry

The very first vintage camera I ever bought. It’s mechanically sound (the shutter still fires with a truly satisfying *click!*), but it’s almost impossible to actually use, thanks to the chip in the viewfinder. I’d really love to know how that happened; it’s a thick piece of glass, and those scratches are kind of impressive, and just dropping the camera wouldn’t have been enough do that kind of damage.

(For this particular prompt, I’d hoped to be able to shoot through the viewfinder of this camera with my DSLR. It… didn’t work. I’m going to try again sometime, but I just have to accept that, if I can make it work, it’ll be an abstract.)

Still. I don’t care. I paid less than $10 in a thrift store, and it looks fantastic. (Which was all I really cared about then.)

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