Snapshot #47 | 10 Things for 27 March 2016


1. narrowing… my focus.
2. fine-tuning… my recipe for hot-cross buns. As far as baking goes, this is still my nemesis; I’ve got the flavour where I want it, I’ve just about got the texture right, now I just need to work on the aesthetics.
3. making… baklava. Because that’s no trouble at all. (100% serious, here. It’s surprisingly easy.)
4. hoping… that it will start to feel like spring soon. Lately, it’s just been a snowless winter.
5. putting… my plans in place for April.
6. exercising… remarkable self-control with my budget.
7. realizing… that I’ve been slacking off around here lately. Sorry about that. I’ve been doing some work behind the scenes, but I’ll try to get back to regular posting soon.
8. looking… for good desktop/phone/tablet wallpapers. I’m in desperate need of a change, but I can’t find anything I like. (Probably because I have rather specific criteria for each device. And I’m just picky.)
9. buying… a fabric de-fuzzer. It’s kind of awesome. Which is kind of boring and makes me feel old.
10. feeling… nostalgic for the strangest things. Like long-defunct blogging platforms. (I don’t know why.)