Weekly Photo Challenge 2016 | Week #11: ‘Rule of Thirds’

Weekly Photo Challenge 2016 | Week #11: ‘Rule of Thirds’

2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "11. Rule of Thirds" | Reghan Skerry

Sometimes, this project is more difficult than it should be.

I’ve been struggling with both motivation and inspiration this week. Not just with photography—with everything. It’s frustrating, and I’m kind of annoyed with myself, but… meh. It happens. And that’s part of why I started this whole project: I wanted to give myself something to work on on the days when I don’t really feel like it.

Except, it turns out that these really open-ended prompts? When you’re not feeling inspired, they’re kind of awful. I would’ve liked nothing more this week than to have a clear goal, something specific to do. Instead, I’m left with a basic compositional technique and nothing I really wanted to take pictures of.

And bad lighting. (It’s been dark and gloomy and cold and wet almost all week, which is probably part of the reason I’m having trouble.) That, at least, gave me a challenge to deal with.

It usually works out.

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