Snapshot #44 | 10 Things for 14 February 2016


1. getting… ready for a serious planning session.
2. using… my Twitter client’s ‘mute’ function so much. (And looking forward to using it even more as the US election cycle drags on….)
3. painting… the office. Finally. It’s still going to be a while before the room looks like I want it to (I don’t even have the furniture back in place), but even just painting—and the decluttering that went along with it—has been a huge improvement.
4. feeling… tired. I tend to forget how much work is involved in painting a room.
5. starting… the search for new conditioner. It looks like my go-to has been discontinued, so I have to start reading labels again…. ::sigh::
6. loving… Habitica. Part game, part my new favourite to-do list app.
7. waiting… to get the cable fixed.
8. falling… behind on some of my non-room-painting projects.
9. fine-tuning… some of my routines. And still thinking that I need to get out of some routines.
10. wondering… whether I’m going to get a chance to bake anything this weekend. I want to, but… painting.