Snapshot #43 | 10 Things for 31 January 2016


1. waiting… for the perfect light.
2. playing… with new toys. And having so much fun.
3. trying… to be better with Twitter. (Again.) Hopefully, I can make the habit stick this time.
4. cursing… the weird DRM they use on library ebooks. Because why would anyone want to switch between devices when reading a book? (Also cursing particularly dumb bank fees. Because I’m getting old, apparently.)
5. listening… to Blackstar all the way through, finally. So good.
6. framing… and hanging art. ♥
7. getting… ready to start the real work on the office. First up: getting rid of the awful beige paint. (Well. No. First up is a massive decluttering operation, and packing up whatever can be packed. Then the painting starts.)
8. cleaning… out my files. I’m already in spring-cleaning mode. Up next: my closet.
9. watching… The Force Awakens. Finally. (The fangirl in me is very happy.)
10. wondering… why I find it harder to shop for myself than for (literally) anyone else.