Weekly Photo Challenge 2016 | Week #03: ‘Soft Light’

2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "03. Soft Light" | Reghan Skerry

2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "03. Soft Light" | Reghan Skerry

It’s a good thing there’s so much to love about this apartment, because the light can be terrible for photography. All but one of the windows are on one side, and with so many trees around interfering with the light that does get in, it’s really difficult to shape the light the way I sometimes want to. Add to that the builder-beige walls (that tint all the light that bounces off them an unfortunate peachy-yellow) and the shorter winter days (which do help with the trees—no leaves to deal with—but give me a very narrow window of opportunity between no light at all and DIRECT SUN STREAMING THROUGH EVERY WINDOW) and… yeah. It’s a challenge.

This isn’t the photo I had planned for this week’s prompt (“soft light”). That photo involved a thirty-minute setup and a rather precarious stack of magazines, and it still didn’t work. The light just wasn’t right, and the more time that passed while I tried to get it right, the harder my shadows were getting.

Not every prompt is going to result in a photo that’s particularly good, or even interesting.

And that’s fine.

There’s a new challenge tomorrow.