Snapshot #41 | 10 Things for 3 January 2016


1. changing… supermarkets. Ooh. Exciting!
2. feeling… sleepy. And optimistic. And accomplished.
3. fixing… small details. It’s going to be a while before the site’s exactly where I want it to be.
4. loving… the cookbook I got for Christmas (Crumb by Ruby Tandoh) so much that I scrapped my original plans for New Year’s Day dessert in favour of the eclair recipe in the book.
5. starting… projects. Baby steps.
6. counting… the minutes until everything gets back to normal. (Almost there!)
7. shovelling… snow. For the first time in probably fifteen years. Not fun.
8. thinking… about the changes I need to make in the office. I seriously need to make a list, and probably draw up a floor plan; the room is terrible.
9. debating… the relative merits of various character classes. Because why not?
10. tidying… up my files for the new year. I’m sure you’re jealous of my exciting life.