Snapshot #40 | 10 Things for 20 December 2015


1. wishing… I could show you the fantastic project I’ve been working on, but doing so would be a spoiler for someone’s Christmas present. I’ll share it in January.
2. resisting… temptation. Nostalgia’s been a bitch this week.
3. loving… this 1985 interview with Steve Jobs. It’s fantastic.
4. getting… more annoyed each time I see ‘overwhelm’ used as a noun. I know it’s technically correct (or has a historical precedent, at least), but that doesn’t make it right. (Seriously. This bothers me a lot. There are better words. Use them.)
5. starting… my week-long baking marathon. (This just became one of my favourite biscotti recipes ever.)
6. waiting… for one last parcel to arrive. (Looks like it’ll be here in time, but who knows?)
7. preparing… for the site relaunch. The 1 January deadline I set for myself doesn’t feel quite as impossible as it did earlier in the month.
8. feeling… curious. And strangely unsettled. This is such a weird time of year.
9. hoping… that I’m not coming down with a cold. I really can’t spare the time.
10. wondering… why I haven’t gone to see Star Wars yet. (Answer: because I’m insanely busy. Still. I saw the prequels opening day. I can’t believe I wasn’t in the cinema on Thursday.)