Snapshot #39 | 10 Things for 6 December 2015

Lucy, November 2015 | Reghan Skerry
It’s been a while since I’ve shared a cat photo, and Lucy actually sat still for once.


1. wondering… why I can’t find solid red washi tape in any local stores.
2. drinking… more hot chocolate in the last two weeks than I’ve had in the last two years. (It’s been that kind of autumn.)
3. catching… up on everything that’s been filling up my DVR over the last couple of months. (Heroes Reborn isn’t as good as season one of the original series, but not as bad as the third season. It’s fun.)
4. making… lists. So many lists.
5. feeling… lazy.
6. hoping… that I haven’t over-committed myself.
7. waiting… for, like, three different shipments that have to arrive in time for Christmas, and it’s killing me.
8. losing… motivation, and momentum, and it means I’ve got so much to do this coming week.
9. trying… to avoid Doctor Who spoilers until I can watch the episode (so, Monday night). So if the entire internet could just… not talk about it, that’d be great.
10. loving… this video by Shea Glover. It’s amazing. ♥