Snapshot #37 | 10 Things for 8 November 2015


1. starting… fresh.
2. watching… The Lunchbox
3. trying… to settle on my Christmas baking plans. I have too many recipes saved in too many places.
4. editing… so many photos.
5. feeling… refreshed and motivated and ready.
6. making… big plans for 2016.
7. searching… for the song in that Shiseido commercial that’s been making the rounds (and deservedly so). Does anyone know what it is? Someone has to know what it is. I’m obsessed.
8. working… on the site redesign. It’s almost ready. I think. Unless I change my mind again. I probably won’t change my mind again.
9. wondering… why the cat throws a tantrum every time I do the dishes. Obviously, the solution is to just never do dishes, but it’s still odd.
10. hoping… that I’ll finally get around to making a batch of plain old chocolate chip cookies this week. I keep getting sidetracked by fancy holiday baking.