Snapshot #36 | 10 Things for 25 October 2015


1. exploring… a new city. Love.
2. feeling… good about the election results. I didn’t vote for the Liberals (I’d planned to, but they lost me when they supported Bill C-51), but their win doesn’t bother me at all. It was the first time in ages that I woke up the morning after an election and wasn’t depressed.
3. thinking… about the cupcakes I’m going to make later this week.
4. getting… (almost) everything done on time.
5. reminding… myself to breathe.
6. making… some really good photographs. Not just on this trip. It’s been a good month.
7. trying… to be good, but I could easily—and happily—survive this entire weekend on nothing but coffee and bagels. I wouldn’t even feel guilty about it, with all the walking I’m doing. But I should probably eat something else.
8. living… in the future. Not a Back to the Future thing, just a realization.
9. reading… three books at once, and I need to get through them before I let myself tackle the one on my bedside table. (Which I’m really looking forward to.)
10. hoping… that my planning pays off.