Snapshot #34 | 10 Things for 27 September 2015


1. getting… ready to cut my hair. It’s definitely time, but I seem to need to talk myself into it.
2. rearranging… the kitchen. I don’t have nearly enough counter space.
3. breaking… out the scarves and fingerless gloves.
4. filling… up my sketchbook. I don’t think I’ve ever filled a sketchbook cover-to-cover before. (Granted, there’s a six-year pause in the middle, but that’s not the point.)
5. slacking… off a bit. I didn’t mean to, but I’m not too worried about it. I’m getting back on track now.
6. feeling… productive. (This weekend. Not necessarily in general.) And ambitious. (In general. Not necessarily this weekend.)
7. making… bread. We’re into that odd time of year when I’m baking bread one week and making ice cream the next. (I love this time of year.)
8. thinking… about Art and Life and how I want them to fit together. (Pretentious? Yes.)
9. checking… things off my list.
10. adding… more things too my list.