Snapshot #32 | 10 Things for 30 August 2015


1. thinking… about font choices. Exciting, I know.
2. watching… an X-ray tech, an orderly and a cop all get distracted by the movie playing in the hospital waiting room. (Mostly, I loved that each one of them did a double-take as they passed, then stopped to watch the movie. Then realized what they were doing and carried on. And that the movie was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, of all things.) (Everyone’s basically fine, btw. Wasn’t at the hospital for anything serious.)
3. seeing… progress
4. finding… the absolute perfect sweater dress for fall. And winter. And basically every day once the temperature starts to drop.
5. waiting… for things that never happen. Frustrating.
6. getting… way too invested in the day-to-day life of the spider that lives just outside my window.
7. playing… with new toys. Camera-related toys, so you know I’m having fun.
8. hating… the humidity.
9. starting… to think about my Christmas baking. Already. (Note: I’m not planning it yet. But I’m getting ready to start planning it.)
10. wondering… why wallets designed for women are so freakin’ huge. It’s annoying.