Snapshot #31 | 10 Things for 16 August 2015


1. making… lists and charts and plans. Also ice cream.
2. looking… for a good (not too complicated) novel to read, in French. I’d prefer something written in French, rather than translated. (Though if the translation’s good, I’m open to anything.) Any suggestions? (Seriously—this is a bilingual country. It shouldn’t be this hard to find something.)
3. feeling… indecisive.
4. editing… my photos from a few weeks ago. Watch this space.
5. adjusting… my cold-brew coffee recipe.
6. getting… back to work. I was struggling a bit before I took a week off, but things are falling nicely back into place now.
7. thinking… about a couple new projects.
8. wishing… that certain scheduling difficulties would magically resolve themselves.
9. trying… something new with my hair. Not sure what I think, yet.
10. catching… up.