Snapshot #30 | 10 Things for 2 August 2015


1. going… through all the photos I took over the last week. It’s been a good week.
2. feeling… tired.
3. wishing… that it would stop raining for a few days. (Looks like I got my wish… except now I get to complain about the humidity.)
4. trying… to remember that not everyone plans as obsessively as I do, and that that’s not a bad thing. (Though… for the important things, a little planning doesn’t hurt.)
5. planning… the next few months. I’ve got a lot of things I want to do, and if I don’t have a good plan of attack, I’m in trouble. (Er… didn’t mean for this to come right after #4. I guess I’ve kind of made my point, though?)
6. working… on a few new things for the blog.
7. finding… the minimalist clutch I was looking for. It’s perfect. And very pink. ♥
8. tidying… up my bookmarks.
9. getting… ahead of myself.
10. choosing… my next ice cream recipe.