Snapshot #27 | 10 Things for 21 June 2015

15 June 2015


1. playing… with my Lomo’Instant camera. So much fun.
2. buying… a huge canvas for that painting I’ve been sorta-kinda working out the details for.
3. falling… back into a few minor bad habits. Which isn’t great, but I’m already starting to rein things back in, so I’m not worried.
4. taking… a few quick day trips. I’ve really needed a change of scenery lately.
5. drinking… so much iced coffee.
6. writing… still. I have a hard time believing it.
7. deciding… which recipe from the Big Gay Ice Cream book to try first. (Coffee. Almost definitely coffee. You may be sensing a pattern, here.)
8. feeling… productive. For once.
9. looking… for background noise. (What podcasts do you like? Audio-only, intelligent, ideally around 30 minutes an episode. Tweet me with your recommendations.)
10. working… on some new ideas for the blog.