Snapshot #24 | 10 Things for 10 May 2015


1. loving… that it’s finally starting to feel like spring. Just in time for summer.
2. thinking… about tattoos. Still. The fact that I’m thinking about them isn’t unusual. The fact that, for once, I know exactly what I want, and the placement, and haven’t got bored of the idea within a week? That’s unusual.
3. getting… distracted. Or obsessed. Could go either way.
4. watching… the UK election results. Because… I’m not entirely sure why. (And, in the end, I kind of wish I could pretend it didn’t happen.)
5. freaking… out over nothing. Literally nothing. Ugh.
6. making… plans for the garden.
7. reorganizing… some of the categories around here. It’s still going to be a while before I’m ready to launch the redesign, but I’ve got a few minor changes to do in the meantime.
8. realizing… a few things about myself.
9. building… my routines back up.
10. indulging… in that white forest cake I mentioned. So. Good.