Snapshot #23 | 10 Things for 26 April 2015


1. planning… to make this cake. Next weekend. Already looking forward to it. (Seriously—look at that. It’s beautiful.)
2. wondering… where the year has gone. I could’ve sworn it was still February.
3. drinking… coffee. Lots of coffee. ♥
4. stocking… up on Instax film. (It seems like none of my local stores carry it anymore, so when I find some, I go a little nuts.)
5. looking… for something new to read.
6. getting… frustrated. Mostly with myself.
7. needing… to read this. The timing of this post was perfect.
8. working… on a new site design. (Finally.) It’s a little more involved than just choosing a new WordPress theme this time around, and I want to do it right.
9. thinking… about a painting (I need to do a few experiments before I get too deep).
10. starting… to feel a little better.