Snapshot #22 | 10 Things for 12 April 2015


1. getting… back into my routine.
2. eating… far too much leftover chocolate.
3. making… plans for the week.
4. wishing… the snow would just go away. Now. Please.
5. taking… down the Christmas wreaths. (In all fairness, there has been a four-foot snowdrift in the way since early February, and it’s only just melted enough to be able to reach the wreaths.)
6. admitting… that I really have to get back to writing fiction. The stories are there, waiting, and now I have to decide how to write them without getting too obsessive.
7. working… out the fine details.
8. troubleshooting… a computer issue. The fan keeps spinning up for no reason. Not sure what’s going on.
9. trying… very very hard not to fall back down the rabbit hole. (The temptation is strong.)
10. feeling… so inspired. So many ideas—for photos, for stories, for tattoos (Why am I thinking about tattoos? I have no plans to get a tattoo any time soon.), for paintings, for media I don’t normally work in—I don’t know what to do with them all.