Snapshot #21 | Special Edition! | 20 Things for 29 March 2015

Since things have been so… odd… around here lately, and since I skipped at least two weeks of regular blogging, I figured that a special double-sized snapshot is in order to let you know what I’ve been up to lately.


1. shopping… for boots. Because I’ll need them if this snow ever melts.
2. researching… obsessively.
3. saying… nothing. Because there have been times when I really couldn’t say anything nice.
4. teaching… myself some new tricks.
5. eating… Cadbury Creme Eggs. Because I’m a grown-up.
6. falling… down. Stupid late-winter early-spring snowstorms, followed by flash-freezes that turn the sidewalks to super-slick ice.
7. thinking… about how I spend my time (when I have it to spend.)
8. learning… how to fold a fitted sheet, and how to fold a pocket square. (Both of which have been necessary in the last four weeks.)
9. wishing… everything would just go back to normal.
10. settling… on this recipe for hot-cross buns. I’ll let you know how it goes.
11. rolling… my eyes. So much.
12. looking… at cat-food labels. It took ages to find a food that the cat, I, and the vet all agreed on, and… now it seems like Lucy’s decided she hates it. So I need to find something she likes, and that she’ll hopefully keep liking, and that will still help her lose weight.
13. watching… iZombie. ♥ I’d missed Rob Thomas-style dialogue so much. (There’s a great interview with Thomas over at Co.Create, if you missed it.)
14. feeling… committed.
15. missing… signals. (So I’m told. I have my doubts.)
16. reading… The Gear Patrol Film Issue. Fantastic.
17. starting… to put things together.
18. loving… the letter Iggy Pop wrote to a fan in 1995. I adore Iggy so much.
19. updating… my workout playlist. It’s been a while.
20. getting… a bit off-track with some of the projects I’ve been working on. March started well, but… yeah. Starting fresh in April, now that the worst is over (for sure this time.)