Snapshot #20 | 10 Things for 2 March 2015

Sorry I’m late. Technical difficulties. I had a photo to go with this post, but the computer is being really stubborn about importing photos from the camera at the moment. Next time. Promise.


1. finalizing… my plans for the year. Stay tuned.
2. considering… backup options. I’m not sure whether I want to buy a new drive, or go with a cloud-based option. (Fascinating, I know.)
3. looking… for a good recipe for hot cross buns. (The last time I tried making them, years ago now, I lost my bread-making mojo for a year. Which is kind of hilarious, actually. But I don’t trust that particular recipe anymore.)
4. enduring… the noise while ice is chipped off the roof.
5. feeling… a little overwhelmed.
6. starting… two new projects.
7. loving… having short hair again. I always forget how much more fun it is. (Even though I can’t really do anything with it.)
8. finding… new podcasts to listen to.
9. getting… frustrated. Stupid technology. (The DVR is on its way out. Fingers crossed, I can catch up on the shows I have saved before it dies completely.)
10. stocking… up on the basics.