Snapshot #19 | 10 Things for 15 February 2015

7 February 2015


1. liking… the idea of a new holiday (tomorrow), but I’m not really sure what to do with it. It feels a bit random.
2. putting… solid plans in place.
3. painting… my nails navy blue. And highlighter-pink. And listening to ‘Live Through This.’ This is exactly how I spent most afternoons in 1994.
4. craving… pad thai. Seriously, it’s been ages. I need to remedy that.
5. getting… distracted, reading old novel drafts. After four(!) years, I can be objective enough to see that they aren’t nearly as terrible as I thought at the time, but even now, I mostly see problems that I’m not sure how to solve.
6. dealing… with too many technical issues at once. (I think my backup drive is on it’s way out, and there’s something going on with the fan in my MacBook, and… ugh.)
7. thinking… about art. (For the walls, mostly, but also, just in general.)
8. starting… to get bored with this whole “snow” thing.
9. admitting… that this whole growing-my-hair-out thing isn’t working. My hair seems to go weirdly flat and sad-looking before it’s long enough to really do anything with (other than a boring ponytail). Chopping it off this week.
10. feeling… pretty good about getting this out on time. (I think it’s the first time this year, isn’t it?)