Snapshot #18 | 10 Things for 1 February 2015


1. getting… snowed in. At least once, and possibly again this coming week.
2. thinking… too far ahead, probably.
3. trying… to get back on schedule. (These last few weeks… ugh.)
4. working… out the logistics of some of my plans for this year. (It’s going well!)
5. looking… for a very specific song… that may or may not actually exist. It’s more an emotional thing than a song-stuck-in-my-head thing. I’ll know it when I hear it.
6. taking… a break from baking for a while. (Though I might already know what I’m going to make for dessert at Easter.)
7. waiting… patiently. Or not.
8. daydreaming… that’s it. Just… daydreaming.
9. reading… nonfiction, pretty much exclusively. Haven’t been in the mood for novels at all, for some reason.
10. feeling… a little better than before.

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