Snapshot #17 | 10 Things for 19 January 2015

Sorry I’m late with this! I had most of it written by Friday, but actually finishing it slipped my mind until this morning.


1. remembering… that I still haven’t finished this post. (eep!)
2. wishing… that the Fitbit dashboard let you edit stairs climbed. The data is useless as long as it interprets ‘approaching storm’ as ’18 flights climbed before breakfast.’
3. looking… at new workout options. I’m going to try something new every week (starting this week) until I find one that works for me.
4. trying… to fix an uncooperative backup drive. Glamorous, I know.
5. thinking… about how much I adore coffee. I woke up to no power on Friday morning, and, thus, no coffee. I missed it terribly, less for the caffeine, and more for the ritual.
6. feeling… indecisive.
7. realizing… that I’ve finally started spelling ‘caffeine’ right on the first try. Now to master ‘manoeuvre’. (Autocorrect had to help with that one.)
8. wondering… how you’re supposed to choose which pillows to buy. It feels like one of those grown-up things that no one ever explained to me.
9. getting… things in order.
10. starting… to think that my plans are actually going to come together. (Yay!)