Snapshot #15 | 10 Things for 21 December 2014


1. seeing… the finish line.
2. baking… All The Things.
3. editing… my to-do list.
4. making… these gingerbread waffles for breakfast this morning (it was the cardamom that sold me). They’re even better than they look, and they look amazing.
5. realizing… that I need to invest in some good rain boots and a (lightweight, waterproof) coat with a hood. (It’s not feeling much like winter yet.)
6. running… late.
7. putting… up the tree. (Apparently I leave it late. It’s the only way to be sure the cat doesn’t destroy everything before Christmas.)
8. feeling… cautiously optimistic.
9. starting… a year-in-review thing. Fingers crossed, it’ll be up before January.
10. taking… tomorrow off. Mostly.