Snapshot #14 | 10 Things for 7 December 2014


1. wishing… I hadn’t started this post so late.
2. checking… things off my to-do list. (And my shopping list.)
3. reading… The Art of Asking and Lock In. (And recommending both.)
4. getting… crafty. I’m not doing a tonne of stuff this year, but there are a few things I want NEED to repair or alter before Christmas. Time to dig out the sewing machine.
5. working… through the shows that have been collecting on the DVR all season.
6. looking… for a good gingerbread waffle recipe. (Do you have a favourite? Let me know!)
7. feeling… good about my plans.
8. trying… to ignore movie casting rumours that annoy me. (While getting excited about the ones that get it right.)
9. drawing… a blank.
10. realizing… that I probably use too many parentheses.