2014 in Review: An Annotated List


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I debated whether or not to do some sort of year-in-review type post this year. They’re difficult for me: there’s always a lot of stuff I don’t really want to go into in a public space, I hate talking about my goals too much, and this time of year, I have trouble finding the time to actually sit down and write a proper post. I didn’t really do a review last year, or make any solid plans. (This was as close as I got, and that was in February.)

But then I realized that 2014 was actually pretty awesome for me, and I have some huge plans for 2015, and that I really should mark that in some way. That, and I love making lists. (I’ll be looking ahead to 2015 in a few days.)

My 2014 in 14 Numbers, Details, and Miscellaneous Asides

  1. Books Read: 60 (None of which were on the list of books I’ve been meaning to read.)
  2. Existential Crises: 2 (both art-related)
  3. Moved: approx. 3.5 km, and it makes all the difference in the world
  4. Movies Watched: 23 (not enough)
  5. New Favourite Recipe: Sicilian chocolate gelato, from Alice Medrich’s Bittersweet
  6. Blog Posts: 72 (here & on the old blog)
  7. Most Popular Blog Post: Cinnamon Rolls for Two | Small-Batch Recipe
  8. My Favourite Blog Post: Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip Cookies for Two | Small-Batch Recipe
  9. Photos Taken: approx. 800-900 (My count is slightly off because of my weird filing system – and multiple copies of some photos – but that’s a good estimate. It’s not nearly enough.)
  10. Road Trips: 3
  11. Coffee Shops Within a Five-Minute Walk of the New Apartment: 3
  12. Second Favourite Accomplishment (since moving is my absolute favourite thing about this year): taking the time to properly decorate the new apartment (still a work-in-progress).
  13. Kickstarter Projects Backed: 2
  14. Trips to the Vet: 6 (Just to reiterate, Lucy’s fine. But she developed an issue that required semi-regular shots. Which she hates enough that she now has a reputation–with a note in her file, to warn everyone–for being ‘difficult.’ That’s my girl.)

Snapshot #15 | 10 Things for 21 December 2014



1. seeing… the finish line.
2. baking… All The Things.
3. editing… my to-do list.
4. making… these gingerbread waffles for breakfast this morning (it was the cardamom that sold me). They’re even better than they look, and they look amazing.
5. realizing… that I need to invest in some good rain boots and a (lightweight, waterproof) coat with a hood. (It’s not feeling much like winter yet.)
6. running… late.
7. putting… up the tree. (Apparently I leave it late. It’s the only way to be sure the cat doesn’t destroy everything before Christmas.)
8. feeling… cautiously optimistic.
9. starting… a year-in-review thing. Fingers crossed, it’ll be up before January.
10. taking… tomorrow off. Mostly.

DJ Riko: Merry Mixmas 2014 | Soundtrack

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Listening to…

DJRiko - Merry Mixmas 2014

‘Merry Mixmas 2014’ by DJ Riko

I discovered DJ Riko’s Christmas mixes in… 2005? I think? They immediately became an essential part of my holiday season, and every year, I start stalking his site at the beginning of December, anxiously waiting for the new release. Go download 2014’s edition, and enjoy. (Check out some of the past years while you’re at it.)

Snapshot #14 | 10 Things for 7 December 2014



1. wishing… I hadn’t started this post so late.
2. checking… things off my to-do list. (And my shopping list.)
3. reading… The Art of Asking and Lock In. (And recommending both.)
4. getting… crafty. I’m not doing a tonne of stuff this year, but there are a few things I want NEED to repair or alter before Christmas. Time to dig out the sewing machine.
5. working… through the shows that have been collecting on the DVR all season.
6. looking… for a good gingerbread waffle recipe. (Do you have a favourite? Let me know!)
7. feeling… good about my plans.
8. trying… to ignore movie casting rumours that annoy me. (While getting excited about the ones that get it right.)
9. drawing… a blank.
10. realizing… that I probably use too many parentheses.