Snapshot #12 | 10 Things for 10 November 2014

A bit late, and no photo, this week… still wrestling with my schedule.


1. playing… with my hair. It’s just long enough now that I can start doing something interesting with it. I just need to figure out what.
2. looking… for art… still. Always.
3. getting… rid of that awful hand-me-down armchair. Finally.
4. spending… too much time at the vet’s office. Nothing serious (don’t worry!), but Lucy wasn’t very happy about any of it.
5. listening… to the same (mildly embarrassing) song over and over again, like I did when I was 13.
6. wishing… I had more excuses to wear costumes. Stupid Hallowe’en.
7. trying… to get everything back under control. It’s been a weird couple of weeks.
8. solving… a problem that’s been irritating me for ages.
9. planning… some personal projects.
10. eating… too much candy. Stupid Hallowe’en.