Snapshot #8: 10 Things for 14 September 2014

13 September 2014


1. doing… something about the builder’s beige.
2. working… out the details.
3. debating… whether to cut my hair or let it grow. I’ve been growing it out (I’m a little sick of not being able to pull it back), but it’s reached the point where I really want to chop it off.
4. realizing… that I’ve been distracted, and that I need to refocus.
5. reading… The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau.
6. waiting… for the new series of Utopia to start. (In Canada. I know it’s already aired in the UK, and I’ve been anxiously avoiding spoilers.)
7. getting… back on track.
8. listening… to the new U2 album. It’s ok. Not great, not terrible.
9. fine-tuning… plans for my fall wardrobe.
10. feeling… exhausted. I haven’t taken a break all week, but I think the really hard work is just about over.