Snapshot #9 | 10 Things for 28 September 2014


21 September 2014


1. going… on a quick day trip. I needed to see someplace new.
2. dealing… with a cold. Hit me, like clockwork, on the first full day of autumn. I just have to accept that September 2014 was not meant to be a productive month.
3. watching… series two of Utopia (finally!), Play It Again, Dick, and Gotham. Loving them all.
4. also watching… a bunch of mediocre romantic comedies, because it’s all my attention span can handle right now.
5. looking… for something new to read. (Any suggestions? I’m craving a relatively light novel—YA is fine—because, again, no attention span right now. Tweet me.)
6. making… Christmas plans. Because I’m a little obsessive about my baking.
7. pushing… just a little too hard.
8. planning… a photoshoot that’s just a little bit out of my comfort zone. Should be fun.
9. remembering… my priorities.
10. getting… back on my feet.

Snapshot #8: 10 Things for 14 September 2014


13 September 2014


1. doing… something about the builder’s beige.
2. working… out the details.
3. debating… whether to cut my hair or let it grow. I’ve been growing it out (I’m a little sick of not being able to pull it back), but it’s reached the point where I really want to chop it off.
4. realizing… that I’ve been distracted, and that I need to refocus.
5. reading… The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau.
6. waiting… for the new series of Utopia to start. (In Canada. I know it’s already aired in the UK, and I’ve been anxiously avoiding spoilers.)
7. getting… back on track.
8. listening… to the new U2 album. It’s ok. Not great, not terrible.
9. fine-tuning… plans for my fall wardrobe.
10. feeling… exhausted. I haven’t taken a break all week, but I think the really hard work is just about over.

Change of scene.

Admin, Personal

This is going to be a slow week, I’m afraid. And, yes. I realize I’m telling you this on Thursday.

I’m deep into a decorating project: new paint (and a beige this pale and boring should not be this difficult to cover), new furniture, everything. It’s kind of fantastic: all the fun parts of moving, without any of the truly awful bits. Though I am picking up a surprising number of bruises, and I needed to take today off because I’ve been too exhausted to form a coherent thought since Monday.

I’m having fun. And I’m not being sarcastic.

There will be pictures at some point in the future. I’m still waiting on one delivery, and I’m still agonizing about art, and there are still a million little details that I have to get to, so it won’t be soon, but it will happen eventually. In the meantime, I should be far enough along that regular programming will resume here this weekend.

Snapshot #7 | 10 Things for 1 September 2014


It’s been a quiet couple of weeks, which is why this post is late, and why I don’t have a photo for you today. (Most of the photos I’ve been taking lately have been ‘before’ shots, and you really don’t need to see them until the ‘after’ pictures are ready to go.) Now that that’s out of the way…


1. taking… a nap.
2. watching… Doctor Who. And kind of loving Capaldi’s Doctor so far.
3. choosing… a paint colour. Finally.
4. solving… problems.
5. waiting… for deliveries.
6. trying… to think of a good day-trip destination.
7. making… mocha ice cream. (I’ve become obsessed with finding the perfect recipe….)
8. starting… to see a difference.
9. looking… forward to fall. Really, I just want to be able to wear scarves again.
10. deciding… what comes next.