Programming Notice

Just a quick note to let you know that posting will be a bit sporadic for the next little while.

I know. I only just launched, and I need to take a break already. Bear with me. In three weeks, I’m moving to a new (fantastic) apartment. It was a bit unexpected; we’d been planning to move sometime this year anyway, but then this place came up, so it’s all happening a lot faster than we’d expected. And as of yesterday, I’m down with my second cold since January. Either one of those things (probably) could have happened without too much of an interruption here, but with both of them… something’s got to give. And I’d rather it wasn’t me.

I’m going to try to get a few things up over the next couple of weeks, but it’s all dependent on how much energy and time I have. I have a tendency to push myself too hard in cases like this, but I’m going to try not to do that this time.

Normal posting will resume once everything’s settled again.