Sketchbook #24

This hasn’t been a great month.

I’ll just get that out of the way to start: I haven’t done nearly as much writing as I’d hoped, and photography has been a bit of a struggle, and I still haven’t started my painting.

But weirdly, I’m ok with that. I’m realizing that this is completely normal for me, and I’m learning how to work with it.

When I set my goals at the beginning of the year, I made plans to come back and revisit them every few months: to make sure my goals haven’t changed, to think about whether or not I’m on track, and to decide on my next steps. I didn’t really think too much about it at the time - it was just something I picked up from a productivity article - but it’s turning out to be an essential part of my creative process.

I never noticed it before this year, but my attention and motivation both start to flag after three months of work. That’s all I’ve got before everything starts to suck and I start thinking about moving onto something new.

June was month three in this particular cycle.

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